Sample Materials
The LawPrism CBX Intensive Review ProgramThis LawPrism program is the most comprehensive, personalized California Bar Exam Essay and PT bar prep offering on the market today. Conducted through the Internet, the program includes the following:

18 Online WorkshopsA total of 53 hours of attorney-led workshops delivered to you live or on-demand through the Internet using state-of-the-art Cisco WebEx technology. At the conclusion of each workshop, you will receive a PDF archive containing all slides, documents, and interactive exercises for review purposes.

14 Essay FrameworksThe result of hundreds of hours spent reverse-engineering every bar exam question since 1975, each LawPrism Essay Framework covers one substantive law subject and contains a concise essay template as well as additional resources to help you master everything necessary to be prepared to answer any potential essay question on that topic.

The Essay Frameworks are designed to be used as a guide for implementing the LawPrism Essay Approach but also serve as a solid summary of substantive law. Each Essay Framework contains mnemonic devices to assist with memorization. Provided in searchable, printable PDF format.

The LawPrism PT PrimerProvides a concise, step-by-step guide to the LawPrism Performance Test Approach, delivered in searchable, printable PDF format. You will learn our technique for rapidly and efficiently organizing and assimilating the information provided in the File and Library, which, when put into practice, will allow you to write a more coherent, higher scoring answer.

14 Essay Critiques and 2 PT CritiquesExtremely detailed professional feedback on content, substantive law, organization, and style.

Diagnostic AssessmentWe will review your past bar exam essays (for repeaters) to help you identify problem areas and tailor the focus of the program.

Personal MentoringWeekly one-on-one status meetings and unlimited support for questions on substantive law, study techniques, and writing approach.

Customized Study ScheduleWe work with you to create a schedule and help you track your study progress using quantitative metrics and individualized guidance.

Access to the LawPrism Student PortalAn ever-expanding software development project, the LawPrism Student Portal provides tools and resources to assist you with your preparation.

Enrollment is LimitedIn order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our program, we strictly limit the number of enrollees for each bar exam season. Click here to enroll.