California Bar Prep for Working ProfessionalsA significant number of applicants who sit for the California Bar Exam are not typical students; they have full-time jobs, families, and other commitments that make taking several months off to prepare full-time for the exam simply impossible. LawPrism's CBX Intensive Review Program is designed to fit into such schedules: no need to travel to class, one-on-one mentoring sessions at your convenience, extensive feedback on your written work delivered through the Internet, and 24-hour support.

We custom-tailor our program to meet the needs and time constraints of each and every student, while minimizing the amount of time and effort you will need to spend to prepare for the exam. For example, several former students (now attorneys) have noted that a single LawPrism essay critique is worth about the same as reading through and studying ten published answers. LawPrism will give you the feedback and knowledge that you need as clearly and succinctly as possible.

Through LawPrism, you will master what you absolutely must know, learn how to deliver what the graders want to see, correct your deficiencies and improve your writing skills, and approach the exam with the knowledge that you are prepared, all without giving up your job and family life.

Does it work? Yes — if you commit and follow through with all aspects of the program. Our pass rate for those who have is very close to 100%.

Dramatically Improve Your Essay and PT Writing SkillsLawPrism focuses on preparing candidates for the Essay and Performance Test portions of the California Bar Exam. Our online Essay and Performance Test Workshops and accompanying Essay Frameworks are designed to take the mystery out of writing bar exam essays by providing answers to the following questions:
  • What are the bar graders looking for?
  • How much substantive law must I know to write a passing essay?
  • How should I organize my essays?
  • What study techniques should I use to prepare for the essay portion of the exam?
  • How can I improve my essay scores?
  • What should I do if I forget the substantive law during the exam?
  • What common pitfalls should I avoid?

Mastering the substantive law covered by the essays is not enough to receive passing scores; your essays must be written in such a way that you show the graders what they want to see. In essence, it all comes down to being able to think and write like a lawyer. This is precisely the skill that the LawPrism CBX Intensive Review Program is designed to foster.

LawPrism CBX Intensive Review ProgramLawPrism has developed a comprehensive program to prepare students for the written portion of the California Bar Exam. This program is structured to give each student personalized attention, making sure that they stay on track with their preparations while mastering an approach to the written portions of the exam. It includes a wealth of online workshops, Essay Frameworks on all subjects, a PT Primer, diagnostic assessment of past bar exam performance, 14 essay and 2 PT critiques, and unlimited mentoring.

Don't just take our word that the program is effective, watch our Essay Technique Workshop for free. Then learn more about our program.